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K9 SAR Training and Certification

Serving Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana

Great Basin K9 Search and Rescue (GB K9 SAR) is a non-profit (501 (c) (3), volunteer organization based in Ogden Utah with members in the Ogden Valley, and Morgan and Summit Counties. Our mission is to train and certify K9 SAR teams and provide them at no cost to requesting public safety organizations.



Tri-State K9 SAR

GB K9 SAR is a proud member of Tri-State K9 SAR, an association of search dog teams from across the Intermountain West (Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana). Tri-State has established a rigorous set of certification standards and all member groups have agreed not to field any dog teams that have not met these standards. To see these standards, click here and then click on "Standards". To see the certifications held by the Great Basin teams click here .


I Love Dogs  

Visit our friends at  http://www.i-love-dogs.com to view the  largest library of dog food content on the web. Their mission is to give dog lovers a place to review and discuss what's available before feeding their pets.  In addition to nutrition content development, they have launched an initiative to offer financial support for animal rescue organizations and they are an official sponsor of Great Basin.




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